If you are planning a project that requires KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundry) give us a try.

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Pricing info

CheapKYC offers an identity verification service for 1/3 of the competitors price

Our price schema is very simple. We provide a REST API for identifying.
Identification price starts at $0.50
If you prefer a flat rate, contact us.

*Identifications means identifications intems. If, for example, the user upload a photo of Mickey Mouse instead of his passport, it counts as an identification.

Plan A

$50 for 100 identifications

Plan B

$2000 for 5000 identifications

Flat rate

$4000 for a flat rate


The identification process is very simple. We need as input a photo of the cardID/passport (front and back) and a selfie with the cardID and optionally a paper with the name of your project and date.

Flat rate

Flat rate

CheapKYC offers a flat rate identity verification service for a fixed price

Pay $4000 and you could do identity verifications without having to check if you have enough credits available.

This feature is available during the ICO/STO period (just a few months). You have to contact us to be sure you are qualified for this feature.

No worries

You won't have to check if you have credits available anymore


The cost is 25% of the minimum price of some competitors


Complies OFAC and GPRD requirements

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How it works

How it works

In order to offer the cheapest price possible CheapKYC provides a REST API for the identity verification service

You only have to make the call to our API using your personal token, having as input the selfie and IDCards/passport photos.
The answer will be "success" or "fail" with the corresponding code
Anyhow you have access to all the data also in our website, with your login and password

You want more, like that we take care of everything so your team could focus on your business?
We can even create a mobile app for onboarding users into your project.
Contact us and let´s talk.

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